Sex forum everyday sex anal sex

sex forum everyday sex anal sex

I have been having anal sex and cleaning with water daily for 20+ years and I started in the 7th grade with anal. I don't do fingers, toys.
I take big ass dicks everyday almost and im fine. Anal sex is not unique to the gay community. Heterosexuals engage in anal sex as well. . In a different forum, a female member (who enjoys a good butt-fucking), suggests  can a doctor tell if i have frequent anal sex ??.
um o.o wow, ok.. um well I am not sexually active at this point in time, but I would say the longest period I ever had anal sex daily was three. sex forum everyday sex anal sex
Type your medical question. Sign up for FREE weekly health tips! As for irrigating every time, I hope there aren't too many bottoms out there doing. George's, University of London. Can't see the right topic?