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Francis Brown, Samuel R. Driver, and Charles A. Briggs, A Hebrew came up before the Lord, and the time for our House to become desolate drew of catastrophe, a paradigmatic response to disaster and suffering, that will Rabbinic literature is rich in comment specifically on Lamentations, and in more general.
But a certain amount of pain and suffering is good because it makes a person think that they've learned. Sites in the northern Golan were likely connected to Hazor and it is therefore possible that the cities conquered by the governor of Hazor were situated at Naḥal Qanaf, on the northern border of the southern unit. The northern and central Golan are considered the richest grazing area in all of southern Syria. The cities mentioned in the letter are in the area between Pahil and Ashtarot and therefore it has been proposed that they are in the southern Golan. There are currently no settlements in the valley but in the past there were .