Opinion opinion roundup petraeus index.

opinion opinion roundup petraeus index.

CNN Opinion asked contributors who have worked in or studied presidential .. James Mattis, Stanley McCrystal and David Petraeus -- is the.
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Obviously brains help and rhetorical skills are a great asset, but for my money, empathy matters most. Check your history lesson and find me a nation or culture that survived when they made man god. I grew up during the Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon years, when unwise and unconstitutional actions drove two presidents from office. Four experts weigh in. From Jim Flaherty's office, wondering how to balance Ottawa's budget? Biblically based morality draws a line and says that crossing over this line is now a sin. As long as such archaic laws are part of any justice system, it makes it impossible to move out of the dark ages.
opinion opinion roundup petraeus index.