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Trials amongst heterosexuals found HIV risk reductions between 0 and 75%, with While reported condom use by FSWs and MSM is high, new infections constant after the latest data estimate (Supplementary Figure 2). of anal sex acts between MSM in which condom used in.
KEYWORDS: condom use, female sex workers, India, intimate partner, The HIV epidemic in India is largely driven by the heterosexual sex route of .. FSWs) at the time of the survey, while the remaining had no regular partner (Fig. Figure 1. Percentage of female sex workers (FSWs) with their regular.
See figure: ' Figure 1. FSWs Heterosexual Anal Sex & condom used at last ' from publication ' Heterosexual Anal Sex among Female Sex Workers in High HIV  Mangler: fig.

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Percentage of infections averted amongst FSW and HR-MSM for PrEP interventions prioritizing each population. Disclaimer: The Journal of the International AIDS Society is an official journal of and is published by the International AIDS Society. Potential impact of pre-exposure prophylaxis for female sex workers and men who have sex with men in Bangalore, India: a mathematical modelling study. In our discussion we will keep in mind dimensions such as changes over time, quality of data, size of studies, and the audience for which these data are gathered and analysed. Tourism, Hospitality and Events. However, due to the small size of this group, this strategy would only give a small impact on the overall epidemic. INEI and Macro International Inc. Log in using your username and password. Pre-exposure prophylaxis PrEP has high anti-HIV efficacy for men who have sex with men. For personal accounts OR managers of institutional accounts. Technological developments and the evolving history of the AIDS pandemic have changed information needs for monitoring trends and providing feedback to HIV control strategies. The most efficient PrEP strategy in this setting was to only give PrEP to FSWs with lower condom use. Evidence shows that low condom use is the norm in relationships between female sex workers FSWs and their regular partners.