Community groups groves groves

community groups groves groves

Seed Group of the Grove of Oak Owl & Stone, Jersey c/o Jeremy Holmes email The Silver Bear Grove Seed Group, Darlington c/o Paul Rutt email facebook.
The Grove Park Community Group was formed in 1972 following the defeat of the proposal to build Ringway 2 - an urban motorway which, if built, could have.
Catton Grove Community Centre opened in 1988 to meet the educational, social and welfare needs of the local community. The Community Centre is owned by.

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All active members are members of OBOD. We are involved in local community projects such as the St. Being in the Southern Hemisphere, we reverse the order to fit in with the correct season. Skip to main content. We also organize ceremonies for participants and friends. Groves Find out if there is a grove near you. Skip to main content.

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For more groups see the Seed Groups in the Rest of the World page. Follow us on Twitter ». Always looking into our own personal lives and what is mirrored there as a reflection of the ever-turning of the seasons... We hold a Druid Camp around Lughnasadh time. Please join us anytime for our public monthly tea at East West Books. OBOD around the World. Visit our Discussion Forums ». The headquarters of our grove is in Piemonte. The landscape is full of ancient monuments. Visit our Discussion Forums ». History of the Group.