CHRUCH C KIDD MERK MR The Return Of Phonzoe Dahmer mixtape..

Keywords. Mixtape Cover Sneaky, Kidd Merk, Phante, Church boi, Sick Brick. Rating: 0 Stars. Listens: 15. Mixtape Cover. Roll 1 Burn 1. Phonzoe Da CEO, Kidd MERk,Crazi Flo,Lil C The Return Of Phonzoe Dahmer. CHRUCH C30 KIDD MERK MR First he faked getting taken out by an exploding cellphone.
CHRUCH C30 KIDD MERK MR The Return Of Phonzoe Dahmer. Mixtape Cover Icon Tru_Gutta_ENT's Recently Uploaded Mixtapes. Mixtape Cover.
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