Category how to page

category how to page

There are many times when posts from one or more categories are desired on a page — where “ page ” is here defined in the WordPress sense. For example, a.
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This tutorial shows how to assign a custom post category to a certain portfolio page in WordPress. Portfolio page may be also called Services. category how to page

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For example suppose Maryanne is a subcategory of both Mary and Anne. Switch to Hybrid Mode. I do not see any archive or category php. Output Posts from One Category into a Given Page. When I mark a post category as "News" I would like it to appear on the homepage. I am sure that one of my techie friends can do some kind of filter for the page in the php. Using this conditional tag, you can change your templates to display different output if the condition is matched. WooCommerce. How To Add A Product/Category To The Page/Post Using Short-Code Har du noe å si? What can I do to prevent this in the future? Connect to your website using FTP client. You could use the category name instead, but the id is not difficult to. Output Posts from One Category into a Given Page. Fernando Briano Donate to this plugin ».